Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Imports Work"

That's the title of a new website sponsored by several US trade associations who rely on imports to remain globally competitive (and provide tons of well-paying US jobs).  The site and its blog hit on a lot of the import-loving themes that I've been pushing here for the last few years, and the groups are even sponsoring a "imports week" next week (May 7-11) that will dedicate a day to each of the following issues:

- May 7 – Imports work for U.S. jobs

- May 8 – Imports work for American families

- May 9 – Imports work for U.S. manufacturing

- May 10 – Imports work for economic development

- May 11 – Imports Work for America: A Policy Agenda

Looks like a worthwhile endeavor, and I must say that an industry-sponsored website touting the immense benefits of import liberalization (rather than the tired mercantilist stuff that many business groups usually spew) is a really welcome - and long overdue! - development.  Indeed, given the blatant realities of today's modern, globalized economy, the lack of any such public face was a real missed opportunity (as argued in this recent briefing paper).

So be sure to check the website out, and let's all hope that it sticks around for a long time. 

And, of course, I'd be remiss not to mention that you can find a lot more information and analysis on the myriad benefits of imports and harms of protectionism right here and here (and elsewhere on this blog).

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