Thursday, July 23, 2009

And we're off...

To the 3 of you who stumbled here accidentally while searching for LPGA highlights or MLB stats, hello and welcome. After years of muzzling my ego, avoiding a personal blog and instead spamming my poor friends 20 times a day, I have finally caved.

This masterwork is the result. (Stop laughing.) And the lesson, as always: ego wins.

Here you'll find me posting on anything and everything that I--
  • couldn't get published in a reputable news outlet;
  • think is interesting, hilarious, horrible, or just deserves more public attention (although this just barely qualifies as "public"); or
  • am abnormally obsessed with, like monkeys, robots, and, well, monkeys controlling robots.

In essence, this blog will be a clearinghouse of useful and worthless information. The "useful" stuff will probably focus on international trade (my vocation), and politics & public policy (my hobby). The "worthless" stuff will be everything else - essentially my random musings on everything from Tony Romo to Tony Roma.

Do enjoy.

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