Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Night Trivia: Term Limits, Corruption, Budget Nonsense

Some random tidbits on this Monday night:
  • According to CQ, only about 10% of all House seats are truly up for grabs in 2010. Considering the bipartisan nincompoopery of the last few years, how is this even possible? And why don't term limits have more support?
  • Speaking of term limits, the AP reports that Sens. Dodd & Conrad, despite their denials, knew full well that they were getting sweetheart deals from everybody's favorite subprime lender, Countrywide. I, for one, am shocked to the core. Oh, wait, no I'm not. (Dodd, by the way, is just barely trailing the main GOP challenger for his Senate seat in 2010 and is comfortably leading in the Dem primary polls. That's insane.)
  • A week late, the OMB delivers that massive $100m in spending cuts (.003% of the budget) demanded by the President back in April. Key "cuts" include - I kid you not - not repainting Ag Department vehicles and using online travel services instead of travel agents. With these types of systemic reforms, the Obama administration will have America on the path to fiscal solvency by, well, never.

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