Sunday, July 26, 2009


Top-eds will be a recurring feature in which I highlight some of the better opinion pieces and editorials for the day/week. Hence, "Top-eds." Get it? Oh, shut up.

He Said/VIP Said
- Mark Steyn, NRO

-Steyn's tone is a little over-the-top, but I haven't read a more devastating takedown re: Gates-gate.

What You Might Not Know About the Recovery - Vice Pres. Joe Biden, NYT

-The op-ed itself is drivel, but it's noteworthy because of Biden's (and, by extension, the administration's) complete about-face on how the Stimulus* was supposed to work.

5 Freedoms You'd Lose in Health Care Reform - Shawn Tully, Fortune

-Tully reads the ObamaCare bills so we don't have to. Unsurprisingly, personal liberty loses. Big.

The White House Goes to War Against the CBO
- Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

-Morrissey details the Orzag-Elmendorf tensions (Nerdfight!) and the White House's overt, and pretty unprecedented, attacks on the CBO.

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