Saturday, July 25, 2009

Worst. Week. Ever.

The President might be spending the whole day in bed today, just running out the clock on an absolutely brutal week for the big guy. And I don't blame him. Given all the bad news he received/caused this week, he and his staff must've awakened this morning with one wicked Kool-aid hangover:

-Obama's deadline for those $100 million in budget cuts comes.... and goes.... (Hey, cut them some slack, it's tough to cut 0.003% of the budget!)
-Governors of both parties publicly oppose ObamaCare. Apparently they're concerned it'll bankrupt their states. No idea what could give them that idea.
-Fox report: States hit hardest by recession get the least Stimulus* funds. Shocking!

-Just an awful day of polls. Rasmussen, Gallup, WaPo/ABC, and USAToday all show serious declines in the President's overall favorability and public support for ObamaCare.
-A new study by the Lewin Group posits that 83.4 million Americans would lose their current health insurance under ObamaCare.
-Mayo Clinic on ObamaCare: not a fan.
-And the White House delays the budget figures until August. Wonder why they'd do that?

-Obama's deadline for a Gitmo policy comes... and goes....
-India to US: "Economy-crippling emissions caps? Uhh, yeah, good luck with all that."
-Obama to Lefty bloggers: "Guys, listen I need you to help me force passage of my awesome health care bill before the August recess. What's in the bill, you ask? Umm, no idea."

-The Big Presser fails miserably. Not only did the President fail to convince anyone of anything (not even his supporters), but he also utters the now-infamous line that Cambridge police "acted stupidly" when arresting H.L. Gates. And for good measure, he offends doctors (see below) and (putting it nicely) gets most of his facts wrong.
-Pelosi: "We have the votes." Blue Dogs: "No you don't."
-Biden being Biden.

-Officer Crowley refuses to apologize, and we learn that he's a racial profiling expert. Doh!
-ENT Docs are miffed that the President accused them in his presser of conducting "emergency" tonsillectomies. No idea why'd they be upset about that.
-The Senate makes it official: no ObamaCare vote before summer vacation.
-Pelosi's starting to lose it, boldy expressing that she doesn't fear the month of August. Good for her. August scares the bejeezus out of me.
-You know things are bad when the market surges because your presidency is falling apart...
-...and the NYT starts worrying about "Obama Fatigue."

-Cambridge cops and police unions ask for an apology. This story is not going away.
-Only minutes after Gibbsy says that the President's done discussing Gates-Crowley, Obama holds an impromptu news conference to distance himself from his "stupid" presser comments. He expresses regret, but never publicly apologizes. (Sounds a lot like the Left's complaints about another President, huh?)
-House Democrat negotiations on ObamaCare break down after a Waxman-Blue Dog throwdown. Waxman later claims that all's well, but no word on when the bill will emerge from his committee. (Nothing to see here. Move along.)
-Scuba gear arrives at the White House because the President's officially under water: Rasmussen is the first poll to have the President's favorability in the negative at -2 (49% approve, 51% disapprove).

Ouch. Just ouch. Ya' think that when the President walked into the Oval office this morning, Rahm gave him the "Champ Kind" speech?

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