Monday, August 10, 2009

State of Instability

In response to a mistranslated question from a Congolese student, the nation's top diplomat unleashed the following calm and rational response:

Yikes. That's not what I'd call a very "measured" response from Secretary Clinton. I eagerly await the response to this little episode from the North Koreans, who have called Madame Secretary a "schoolgirl" and a "pensioner" who is "unaware of international etiquette." Should make for some high comedy.

But (somewhat) seriously, how easy will it be for them, the Venezuelans, Cubans, Russians, etc. to knock Clinton off her game during intense international negotiations? I can only imagine the exchange:

CLINTON: We are increasingly concerned by your funding of narcoterrorists in Colombia.

HUGO CHAVEZ: Oh you are? Well, frankly, Miss President Clinton's Wife, I don't really care what you think. I'll only deal with the Big Guy. Bring me Bill, and then we'll talk.

CLINTON: *head explodes*

I wonder if these people know that Secretary Clinton drives a Dodge Stratus.

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