Monday, November 16, 2009

UPDATE4: Lies, Damned Lies and Stimulus* Statistics

More news rolled in today on the White House's bogus Stimulus* job statistics:
  • ABC News:  "Obama Admin Slashed 60,000 Jobs From Recent Stimulus Report." So not only are you saying that the White House was aware of these ridiculous reports, but you're also saying the report could have been a lot worse?!?! Yikes.
  • Detroit Free Press (courtesy of HotAir): "Billions for state, but where are jobs? Majority of stimulus awards have brought little help." "[The Free Press'] analysis also revealed that others who have been promised or have received stimulus money have overstated -- in some cases greatly -- the number of jobs created or protected."
Finally, the hardworking folks over at the Washington Examiner have done a much better - and more technologically savvy - job than I've done at documenting all of the Stimulus* misreporting.  They've produced an interactive map, available here, which shows that - so far - the White House's report overcounted jobs by at more than 10%.  I say "so far" because not all state newspapers have completed their analyses.

75,343 fake jobs and counting!  Viva la HopeChange!


Colin said...

You see about the "magic lawnmower" which single-handedly saved or created 50 jobs?

Scott said...

Yep. I hear it runs on HopeChange, unicorn hair and pixie dust.