Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Pattern Emerges

As you may recall, the Democrat Party during the special congressional election in New York's 23rd district grew desperate and ran a standard fearmongering ad accusing the conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman, of "shipping jobs overseas."  I crucified the protectionist ad here, and for good reason - literally every line was erroneous.  Well, it seems that when the going gets tough for Democrats, they turn to a time-tested classic: idiotic fearmongering protectionism:

Standard drivel, but only one problem: this time, the Democrats' little ad has drawn the ire of UPS, and the Party's being sued:
Shipping giant UPS isn’t amused by a Democratic Party campaign pamphlet attacking Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown that plays off the company’s slogan “What can Brown do for you?”

Atlanta-based United Parcel Service, known for its ubiquitous brown trucks, demanded yesterday that the Massachusetts Democratic Party, which is listed as paying for the pamphlet, stop distributing it.

The mailer asks “What can Brown do to you?” It shows Scott Brown dressed up as a UPS driver and says, “He can reward corporations that ship your job overseas just like George W. Bush.”

It’s unclear how many of the mailers had gone out.

“Our legal team sent the Massachusetts Democratic Party an e-mail today,” company spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said yesterday. “As part of ongoing UPS brand protection, we asked that no further copies be distributed.”

As of late yesterday, Rosenberg said UPS had not received a response. The Massachusetts Democratic Party did not respond to a message left at its headquarters in Boston by the Herald.
Yeah, promoting protectionism by stealing the identity of a company that relies upon free trade is probably a horrid political strategy. (Although I can't say I'm surprised by such a move, considering Coakley's campaign is quickly becoming one of the worst.campaigns.ever.)

Unfortunately, I doubt that the UPS suit will do anything to discourage the Democrats' future use of their protectionist campaign playbook.

And that's a shame.

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And that's not even the worst flyer they distributed: