Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paging Al Gore... Al Gore to the Green Courtesy Phone (UPDATE)

Quite the Sunday morning for global warming skepticism in the foreign press:
  • World may not be warming, say scientists.  The London Times Online finds a few other scientists, formerly big believers in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) sounding the alarm: "[N]ew research, including work by British scientists, is casting doubt on such [AGW] claims. Some even suggest the world may not be warming much at all. “The temperature records cannot be relied on as indicators of global change,” said John Christy, professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, a former lead author on the IPCC. The doubts of Christy and a number of other researchers focus on the thousands of weather stations around the world, which have been used to collect temperature data over the past 150 years. These stations, they believe, have been seriously compromised by factors such as urbanisation, changes in land use and, in many cases, being moved from site to site." Well, ok, but that's only temperatures. We still have rising sea levels and melting glaciers, right?
  • U.N. climate panel admits Dutch sea level flaw. Reuters: "A background note by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said a 2007 report wrongly stated that 55 percent of the country was below sea level since the figure included areas above sea level, prone to flooding along rivers.... The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the original source of the incorrect data, said on February 5 that just 26 percent of the country is below sea level and 29 percent susceptible to river flooding.... The panel expressed regret last month after admitting that the 2007 report exaggerated the pace of melt of the Himalayan glaciers, which feed rivers from China to India in dry seasons, in a sentence that said they could all vanish by 2035. The 2035 figure did not come from a scientific journal." 
Oh, come on!

By the way, there's not a peep about any of this stuff in the blissfully ignorant American press today - unless, of course, you count a Washington Post op-ed convincing us that the mid-Atlantic blizzards are obviously a sign of serious global warming.

UPDATE: It looks like the IPCC Report's hysteria about African crop yields is also total BS.  Shocking, I know.

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