Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Quick Hits

Just a few links tonight for your reading pleasure:
  • Forbes rates the 10 worst cars of 2010, and you'll never guess what's all over the list. (Oh wait, yes you will.). "The real secret, McElroy adds, is that almost every hybrid on the market today is a flop: 'I guarantee you every single automaker is losing money on every single hybrid they build, with the exception of the Prius.'  Hybrids are losing money because consumers just aren't buying them. In the 12 years since hybrid vehicles have been on the American market, and with seven mainline brands selling more than 20 hybrid options--everything from the Lexus HS250h sedan to the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid SUV--hybrids still make up just over 2% of the market. And half of that belongs to the Prius."  The SmartCar is also in the top 10.  And once again, we shockingly find that there's money in making cars that people, you know, actually want.  Will Washington ever learn? 
That's all for tonight, folks.

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