Thursday, April 21, 2011

Audio: Talking Trade, Outsourcing and China on the Laura Ingraham Show

After lots of trial and error, I've finally managed to upload yesterday's informative - and frustrating! - segments on international trade from the Laura Ingraham Show.  (Who knew it was so tough to record streaming audio, convert it to a video file and upload it to your blog?  Yet another lesson in specialization and comparative advantage, I guess.)  There's a commercial break in there somewhere, but you can just fast forward through the dead air.

Many thanks to Laura for giving me (and the very smart Matthew Slaughter from CFR) the significant airtime.  It's nice not to try to explain multinational production decisions in a 15-second soundbite.  However, considering that I thought I was just going to be talking about outsourcing, I really want a re-match to talk about China trade with the misguided Ms. Ingraham.   Now, I'm not so sure that even my most-prepared day will ever convince Laura of the error of her ways, but I definitely, definitely want to give it another try.

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