Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Podcast on TPP (UPDATE: Team Romney Reverses Course, Supports Japan's Inclusion)

The good folks at Coffee & Markets had me on again to discuss international trade stuff.  This time, we went over the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and whether a Romney administration would pursue the same course - on TPP and trade issues more broadly - as the Obama administration.  (As always, I try to be optimistic - really, I do! - but it's hard out there for a free trader these days.)

The full podcast is available to stream or download here.  Enjoy!

UPDATE: From Chris Nelson of the Nelson Report comes excellent news that Team Romney has reversed course on the Governor's earlier (and depressing) skepticism re: Japan's inclusion in the TPP.  Top Romney econ adviser Glenn Hubbard tells Japan's Nikkei[$] that the Governor is very much in favor Japan's participation in the Asia-Pacific FTA:
Q: Can you tell us about Mr. Romney's policies toward Japan and other Asia-Pacific partners? Japan is especially anxious to know what's happening with the TPP.

HUBBARD: I think Gov. Romney fully supports the TPP and Japan's participation in it. He is trying to promote a variety of free-trade initiatives around the world. The present U.S. administration has both neglected more free-trade openings and, frankly, neglected Asia in particular. And I think that's just not something Gov. Romney will do. He's spoken a lot about China, but I think his concern is really the U.S.'s standing in Asia, writ large. And, obviously, Japan is our longest-term ally in the region.
Great news here.  I mean, the China-bashing is nauseating but almost excusable from a purely-cynical political perspective. The Japan stuff, on the other hand, was truly beyond the pale.  Further proof that, China nonsense notwithstanding, a Romney administration would likely be much better for US trade policy than the last three-plus years under President Obama.

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