Monday, January 21, 2013

The Next Chapter...

Apologies for the long silence after my new year's post, but I've been traveling and waiting for some things to get settled before writing here again.  Now that they are, it's with much excitement that I can announce that I've officially become an Adjunct Scholar for the Cato Institute.  As a former Cato intern-turned-research-assistant-turned-co-author-turned-author, this probably seems like the next logical step, but a quick look at Cato's roster of adjuncts reveals just how far out of my depth I really am here. (Shhh, don't tell them!)  Seriously, to be listed on the same web page as some of my intellectual idols is a pretty awesome honor, and I hope I can live up to the designation in the coming months and years.

So what does this mean for me and the ol' blog, you ask?  Good question. Well, as an "official" adjunct, I'll be blogging at Cato's blog on the issues on which I've written for them over the last few years - for example, trade rhetoric and politics, subsidies and trade remedies.  I'll also continue to write the occasional policy paper for them (and actually have a short one in the works right now), and will speak on these and related issues when invited to do so.  As always, all of this work will be done in a personal capacity and not on behalf of my employer.  See giant disclaimer to the right --->.

Given this new opportunity, my full-time job and the birth of my first child in only a few short weeks(!), this blog will become a little quieter for the foreseeable future - basically a place for the occasional posting of quick links, random musings (including, yes, monkeys/robots/pirates) and long-form stuff that's not really appropriate for Cato's blog because it's too long/legalistic, too profane or just not in my area of expertise.  I'll also cross-post things from Cato's blog when I write there.  None of this will happen too often - maybe once or twice a week, max - so unless you enjoy swinging by here just for fun, I'd recommend subscribing via email or an RSS feed in order to save yourself a few clicks.  Subscription information is below my giant head on the left side of this page, if you're interested.

And, if you just can't bear to be without me for such long periods, you can - after seeking psychological help, of course - always follow or visit me on Twitter, where I'll be tweeting a pretty-frequent (mainly before/after business hours, of course) stream of interesting links and 140-character thoughts.  In fact, many of those tweets will be a preview of longer stuff that ends up in a future blog post or paper.

So, that's about it for now.  For those of you who were kind enough to mention your hope for my swift return to regular blogging, I'm sorry to disappoint.  Hopefully you and the rest of the folks out there will enjoy the next chapter in my fun little side project.  There's certainly more to come - just in a slightly different, more respectable (ha), and less frequent format.

p.s. Here's a recent radio interview that I did for American Radio Journal on my October 2012 Cato paper.  (After January 23, you can download it in the ARJ archives.)

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