Friday, August 14, 2009


Top-eds will be a recurring feature in which I highlight some of the better opinion pieces and editorials for the day/week. Hence, "Top-eds." Get it? Oh, shut up.

Obama and the Practice of Medicine - Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Wall Street Journal

-Another practicing doctor against ObamaCare, and why most oppose it.

GOP Thinks the Unthinkable: Victory in 2010 - Byron York, DC Examiner versus Repeat Of '94 Looks Unlikely - William Schneider, National Journal

-Compare and contrast, students.

More Nonsense From Dems' Plans - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

-Dr. K explains the illogic of prevention as a cost-saver.

Is this Whole Foods Last Straw?
- Alyce Lomax, Motley Fool

-In Wednesday's Top-eds, I joked "Now that Whole Foods' co-founder and CEO has come out against ObamaCare and offered up logical, free market alternatives, where will all the hipster lefties go to buy $6 milk and $5 eggs?" Well, the hipster lefties are boycotting! This is a calm and well-reasoned op-ed on that idiotic decision, and it's definitely worth a read.

My two cents: this is a perfect example of the nonsensical groupthink BS of many partisan acolytes (on the left and right). In this case, the lefties are boycotting Whole Foods not because its CEO (Mr. Mackey) opposes healthcare reform (he doesn't), or because he's advocating policies that harm them or his employees (he's not; in fact, his employees love his policies, and the hipsters loved shopping there before the op-ed came out). Instead, they're boycotting because Mackey opposes Obama's version of health care reform, and vocally offers his own free(er) market alternative. That is insane, plain and simple. It's as if my wife decided to divorce me because, while we both wanted to go to Whole Foods for lunch, I proposed a different way of getting there.

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