Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update: Doctors Against ObamaCare

A couple days ago, I politely asked whether any real doctors have been vocal in their support for ObamaCare. I explained (links in original):
[A] quick Google search of "doctors oppose ObamaCare" finds vocal opposition (op-eds, protest attendance, etc.) from actual doctors in Houston, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, Indiana, Austin and Tuscon. Even Obama's own personal physician in Chicago came out against ObamaCare (wrap your mind around that sentence!).

I ran a similar Google search for "support" and came up empty. Busted. Now, I'd never assume that there aren't a significant number of actual doctors who support ObamaCare - even some who are vocal - but my crack research* turned up nothing.

Well, I've since returned to the Google and still haven't seen anything to thwart my initial gut-feelings. But as reports, it turns out that at least one fake doctor has gone public with her support:

Patterico and Lone Star Times capture yet another banner moment from a town-hall forum hosted by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX). In this clip, Roxana Mayer introduces herself as a doctor (a general practitioner for four years) in order to support ObamaCare and Jackson-Lee in a fairly hostile crowd. For her efforts, she gets a big hug from the Congresswoman, an image which the Houston Chronicle featured prominently on their website coverage of the event.

But was Mayer really a doctor?

Not only was Mayer not a doctor, Roxana Mayer was an Obama delegate, as Patterico discovered with some digging. What’s more, the Houston Chronicle apparently knew this and failed to include it in its glowing coverage of Mayer’s appearance. The reporter, Cindy Horswell, has admitted that she knew Mayer was an Obama delegate and that Mayer didn’t live in Jackson-Lee’s district when she wrote the Chronicle story. After getting exposed, the Chronicle quietly changed the caption on the photo without issuing a correction, removing the reference to Mayer being a doctor.

Well, that's not going to help my Googling at all!

In all seriousness, I again reiterate that I'm sure some real doctors have vocally supported the President's health care plan. On the other hand, if Obama keeps falsely demonizing them on national television, he's probably gonna have to rely on the fake doctors pretty soon.

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