Friday, December 25, 2009

I Think This Means Glenn Beck Is Winning

So a friend of mine received Glenn Beck's book, Arguing with Idiots, for Christmas today. The book was purchased new from the Barnes & Noble at St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida.  And as my friend thumbed through the pages, this fell out:

Ahh, yes, nothing like directing folks to MediaMatters for some pure, unbiased reporting on the media.  (The provided link is criticism of MediaMatters' bias by NBC of all places; and when NBC calls you biased, well, you get the idea.  This Politico exchange on MM is also kinda fun.)

Anyway, I'd say ol' Glenn must be doing something, ahem, right if his books have been targeted for nutroots propagandizing.  (And I'd also say that it's time the nutroots updated their enemies list, considering that John McCain's name is still on it.  That is so 2008.)

Final thought: if calling out the media is "working the refs," then what's papering conservative books with links to lefty websites?  Maybe "spiking the Gatorade"?

Merry Leftmas, everybody!

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