Thursday, September 24, 2009


Top-eds will be a recurring feature in which I highlight some of the better opinion pieces and editorials for the day/week. Hence, "Top-eds." Get it? Oh, shut up. 

Obama's Willowy Weakness - George Will, Washington Post

-Will eviscerates the President for the Section 421 decision.  And he's exactly right (not only because I've noted most of the stuff he covers!).  Also check out how Dan Ikenson appropriately piles-on the Will critique here.

How Close Are the Dems on Health Care Reform - Jay Cost, RCP Horserace Blog

-The always-great Cost relays some good, well-reasoned news for those of us who are too psyched about the Government's takeover of one-sixth of the US economy.

Hillary's Honduras Obsession - Mary O'Grady, WSJ

-O'Grady has been one of the only MSM voices consistently highlighting the Obama administration's unseemly interference in Honduras's completely-legal-and-democratic decision to remove its Chavez-loving former President.  WHY IS NO ONE ELSE?

Doctors Verbatim on Health Care Reform - Editors, IBD

-The final installment of a must-read 8-part series on how Doctors feel about ObamaCare.  (Hint: it confirms my earlier suspicions - they don't like it.)  Read all eight parts.  It's worth it.

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